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By Central Scanning
schedule4th Mar 16

At this years Develop3D Live Central Scanning will be offering Scan4cad – the complete Reverse Engineering Solution.

Scan4Cad is a pairing of Delcam’s Powershape Pro software with the Artec 3D Scanner range. Allowing data to be streamed directly into the software from the scanner, it enables the user to digitise objects in minutes whilst showing the real-time display of their results. This helps to reduce the time for the digitisation of complex objects significantly and ensures that all data required is collected successfully.

During the Develop3d Live 2016 event held at Warwick Art Centre on March 31st, Central Scanning will be offering Scan4cad based on the Artec Eva Lite scanner for special discounted prices beginning from as little as £15,000. Demonstrations of this package will also take place using the Artec Space Spider.

The Artec Space Spider is an ideal scanner for capturing high precision scans detailing intricacies of complex shapes and their textures. Originally developed for use by NASA on the International Space Station it can be used quickly and efficiently due to its ability to reach optimal temperatures within a wide range of environmental conditions. When combined with PowerSHAPE Pro’s ability to design, re-engineer and accurately model complex parts simply and efficiently in a single CAD program, the user of the Scan4cad system will have a wealth of technologies for scanning, reverse-engineering and CAD projects in one package.

Want to find out more? Visit the team at Develop3D Live on Stand 38, or simply give the team a call on 01527 558 282 or email on [email protected]

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