Surphaser Scanner arrives


The Surphaser Scanner arrives at Central Scanning 2014!

What is a Surphaser scanner?

The Surphaser Scanner is a sub millimeter accuracy scanner that is designed to operate in industrial indoor and outdoor environments. The Surphaser scanner is a very fast scanner that is quick at scanning large areas. It is fully portable and Central Scanning Ltd have purchased their own for bureau and service work. The scanner gives engineering quality data in a fraction of the time to take a traditional scan.


What can the Surphaser Scanner be used on?! 

Here are just a few examples...

  • Heritage Work
  • Building Exteriors/Interiors
  • Cars/Commerical Vehicles/Motorcycles
  • Van Packaging
  • Engine Bay Packaging
  • Boats
  • Film Sets
  • Special Effects
  • Museums
  • Places of interest (schools, town centres, statues)
  • Power Station Scanning
  • Forensic Work

How can Central Scanning help?

We can provide an STL or CAD file from the data captured. As well as this we can record historical artefacts quickly, easily and periodically if required. Central Scanning can also provide engineering data of large complex tooling geometry.

The Surphaser System compliments the vast range of systems that we have available for service work and for sale. Used in combination with our software and high resolution scanners means that we can fulfill most engineering requirements.

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