Meet the new ultra compact portable 3D Sensor!

By Central Scanning
schedule17th Feb 16

In recent weeks Zeiss have released the Comet L3D 2. This is a new ultra-compact portable 3D Sensor offering excellent data quality, precise measurement results and flexibility making it ideal for Central Scanning service work in a variety of 3D Scanning applications.

The Comet L3D 2 has been designed at half the size of its predecessor the Comet L3D making it more compact and lightweight allowing for ease of handling and transportation to and from, and around site.

Using the latest sensor technology, it features a decreased measurement time of one second enabling very quick scanning whilst producing high quality measurement data. It also features simple on-site calibration enabling the user to change the measuring field with a quick and easy lens change.

 The Comet L3D 2 also features the ability to recognise change in exposure and vibration with temperature management included, which greatly reduces the warm up time.

This new Blue Light Fringe projection scanner offers excellent data quality and accurate measuring results quickly and easily, making it ideal for demanding applications such as quality inspection, reverse engineering, rapid manufacturing and more.

If you would like to discuss this product and see a demonstration, we will be showing it on our stands at the up coming Race Retro 2016 (Stand C52) and D3D Live 2016 (Stand 38) Shows. Our experienced engineers will be on hand to have a chat!

Want to know more about the Comet L3D? Call us on 01527 558 282 or email [email protected]

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