Central Scanning welcome new Sales Application Engineer to the team

By Central Scanning
schedule10th May 16

Central Scanning take pride in tailoring skills and processes to grow alongside client requirements. This also involves investing in new members of staff to help with the work load and help us achieve the best results as a team. Our latest addition to the Central Scanning team is Alex Chung. Having been here a month we thought we would ask him a few questions about his role within the company and how he has been finding it so far!

Tell us a bit about yourself Alex…

I'm 30 years "young" and aside from 3D technologies, I like going to gigs, playing guitar and travelling. I also managed to complete the previous two Birmingham half marathons and fingers crossed in completing the 'hat trick' this year also!

What made you interested in engineering - in particular 3D Scanning & Digitizing?

Growing up I always enjoyed creative problem solving and engineering seemed to compliment this. I played with 3D CAD from an early age with packages like TrueSpace, Photoshop and AutoCAD creating digital artwork and product designs. I first came into contact with 3D printing during my postgraduate studies with the old Z corp and RepRap printers and eventually with 3D scanners during my working career. I'm always excited at what practical applications 3D technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality will play in designing and making things in the future.

What experience have you had within this Industry previous to this role?

Before Central Scanning I had spent over five years at Delcam developing, marketing and supporting CADCAM software and hardware scanning solutions into the footwear, dental and orthotics markets. I also have experiences working in the railway industry and academia.

On your search for a job what made you apply at Central Scanning? 

It was a chance to take what I had learned about 3D scanning and printing to the next stage and add some of my product development and technical marketing experience to Central Scanning to enhance their USPs and added value.

What’s the most interesting thing you have worked on so far?

Working with the ZEISS T-Scan LV system to scan a carbon fibre blade was certainly interesting with the scanner, probe and tracker. Also creating an automated script with the Comet 6 with the dual axis and Colin3D was enjoyable.

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