Automotive Industry Applications


The increasing demands of the automotive industry standard rely on high-quality measurement technology to check for surface flaws, compare part-to-CAD and reverse engineer various parts to perfection. All of which Central Scanning Limited can do!

Competitive research and analysis is also increasingly popular among the automotive companies to achieve benchmarked levels in the industry. Industry experts are of the opinion that competitive benchmarking play a significant role in bridging the gap in performance and to bring out products and technologies that are affordable and practical. It is being looked at as one of the most powerful tools for driving the process of continuous improvement.

The Steinbichler range of scanners that we use here at Central Scanning are well suited for such applications; parts of any sizes and shapes can be accurately digitized many times faster than using conventional tactile systems. The software that comes with our scanners comes with various matching techniques which give the user flexibility to use different fields of view, depending on the part and hassle free matching of the various scans.

Parts we have scanned for the automotive industry before include:

Body equipment, engines, centre consoles, door panels, safety equipment, body in white, cooling systems, shock absorbers, fenders, roof panels, tailgates and interior trims. 

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